Testament: The Order of High Human- Release Date Announcement Trailer

June 22, 2023   testament

Get ready to immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world ! Fairyship is proud to present "Testament: The Order of High-Human", an upcoming first-person single-player action-adventure game with bits of RPG and Metroidvania elements.

Prepare for an adventure as you explore a richly detailed world filled with danger and intrigue. With mixed combat options that allow for a wide range of possibilities and combinations using swords, spells and bow, you'll need to think strategically to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

But that's not all - Testament is also filled with platforming and puzzles that will put your skills to the test. With every step you take, you'll uncover more of the game's deep lore and story.

Stay tuned for the official release trailer, coming soon! Get ready to experience an adventure in "Testament: The Order of High-Human".

Wishlist it on Steam if you're interested:

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